Contact: Deepak Anand


When I started this journey, I promised to all my constituents that I will be Active, Inspired and Motivated to make a positive change here in Mississauga-Malton and thus I am proud to release my AIM for the riding. These are a series of five commitments that I promise I will advocate for in the riding regardless of the party's central platform. 


A few months back we ran the first of many youth council meetings in which we learned about the pains that our future generations are feeling.

Empowering Youth

  1. Work to bring more community members with a focus on youth in middle school and high to Queen's Park in order to help them understand the fundamentals of our democracy and the work that politics can do in positively affecting our communities. 
  2. Create a special youth council with members from all over the riding to better understand their issues and work with them on solving the problems that face our riding. Furthermore, I will also be their voice at Queen's Park in order to work with the government to make youth-oriented policies that are developed by youth.
  3. Collaborate with local companies and create special career and internship fairs in order to show these employers that there is an abundance of local talent


Bringing Our Education Into the 21st Century

  1. Advocate for more special needs education
  2. Revamp the curriculum as a whole due to it being stuck on a model from the last millennium - for example, focus on issues such as more
    1. Computer science courses and literacy that starts earlier 
    2. Bring in personal financial literacy so that our children are prepared for life after school
    3. More career training opportunities
    4. Sexual education should be revamped with more parental consideration 
  3. Work on an awareness campaign on the different mental health services that the schools and the provinces offer


Local Employment

  1. Work with local businesses to hire more local talent through different incentives and corporate social responsibility
  2. Help connect local employers with local youth to help bring in more employment to the riding


Community Engagement 

  1. Split the riding into regions based on polling stations in order to better target problems as issues that face Malton are not the same that affect the southern part of the riding
  2. Hold regular town halls in order to better understand what the people need and want and also help them understand what the government can provide
  3. Commitment to reply to any problems constituents have within 72 hours



  1. Advocate for more affordable housing in the riding through working with non-profits and cooperatives as well as the private sector
  2. Use a combination of rent supplements and tax reliefs to help those who need it
  3. Reduce the red tape and processing times involved in planning and building houses which will help to increase supply and thereby control prices
  4. Encourage secondary suites through small interest-free loans and short training courses provided by the government to help provide quality rentals as densification becomes common